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How mindfulness workshops can transform Geelong businesses & organisations

September 24 2019

Mindfulness has many benefits in the modern world, with many of the largest companies around the world including tech giant Google and retail chain Target, frequently holding mindfulness workshops with their employees to help encourage wellbeing, regain productivity, and reduce stress among many other things.

Helen Handsjuk is a qualified mindfulness trainer in Geelong that helps businesses, groups and other organisations to employ mindfulness as a tool to increase wellbeing, foster relationships, increase productivity and creativity.

in a corporate world culture that incessantly promotes productivity, efficiency and hard work, it is mutually beneficial for both the employee and the employer to encourage their staff to take the time to look after their mental health.

Mindfulness workshops foster growth and cooperation in the workforce

One of the best ways to do this as a team is through mindfulness workshops or seminars. Mindfulness trainer and local psychologist Helen Handsjuk has worked with clients from large brands to local schools to give them strategies, techniques and practices that help them remain present in the moment and allow people to foster their own wellbeing.

Helen Handsjuk gives organisations and individuals the tools to practise mindfulness for years to come, providing them with a day-to-day method of ensuring mental clarity, preventing physical and mental fatigue, and increasing their productivity.

This is something that all businesses and organisations should be implementing in 2019, but unfortunately too many organisations are still undermining the benefits of an enegising, supportive and fostering workplace culture, resulting in employees and management experiencing burn-out, unhappiness and a dissatisfied workforce that will never reach its full potential.

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