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The Geelong psychologist helping people find their ideal career

July 23 2019

Looking at finding a career or field of study that suits you? Feel a little lost and not sure what steps you should take? Geelong psychologist Helen Handsjuk has helped many people in a similar position find a rewarding and fulfilling career by working with them to gain clarity in their thinking, in order to establish clear and achievable objective going forward.

Achieving an appropriate work-life balance is one of the most critical things people in the Modern World struggle with. This can take a further toll on one’s mental and physical wellbeing when the career or job chosen is one that produces high levels of stress and is not found enjoyable.

This is why it’s important for people seeking a change in job or career to sit down with a qualified psychologist to talk about how they can go about finding a career, job or field of study that suits their lifestyle.

How can a psychologist help you find your dream job or field of study?

In order to gain clarity surrounding your future, you need to be able to establish some specific goals that will help you get to where you want to be. A psychologist can help you create these goals while prioritising your ongoing wellbeing and achieving a sense of fulfillment on a daily basis.

Most of the time your ideal career or field of study will depend on your personality type, which is why it can be of great assistance to sit down with someone that can properly assess what kind of work would most suit your personality traits. This is something that people often neglect when deciding on a career, with them being unsatisfied but not being able to put their finger on why. Often this is simply because they aren’t suited to the type of work their doing.

Want to start on the path to progress? Contact Helen Handsjuk for an appointment, Helen is a Geelong-based psycholgist with extensive experience helping people find a career or field of study that most benefits them.