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Yearly Archive: 2016

December 18 2016

Stress management counselling helps Geelong cope through the busy New Year period

With Christmas and New Year just days away, people are preparing for family get-togethers, social celebrations and happy times. But between co-ordinating Christmas gatherings with family and friends, finishing up work, shopping, cooking, hosting and cleaning, it’s no surprise that the pressure can be too much. And the festive feelings can soon be smothered by…

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November 27 2016

Relationships counselling helps Geelong couples and families stay connected

With each year seeming to fly by faster than the one before, it’s easy to neglect your relationships. The important links between partners, children and family can suffer as we struggle to deal with the pressures, challenges and changes in our lives. Whether you’re navigating through an evolving relationship, trying to improve communication or dealing…

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October 31 2016

Geelong psychologist helps treat postnatal depression

With Perinatal Depression and Anxiety Awareness Week due to start on November 13, it’s a timely reminder of the many changes and challenges parents experience during the postnatal period. As a Geelong psychologist I know the immense value that professional and supportive counselling provides parents caught in the grip of postnatal depression during the often…

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September 27 2016

Psychologist in Geelong helps adolescents develop study and learning skills

With VCE exams just over a month away many parents are keen to help their teens make the most of those last few weeks of study or get a jump on dealing with next year’s academic workload. Sometimes when adolescents are struggling to cope with the stress of exams, peer pressure, the expectations of family…

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August 31 2016

Geelong people invited to join an Uluru mindfulness gathering

For many of us in Geelong mindfulness plays an important part in our daily lives. The practice has a strong and growing following across the world, with people and organisations recognising the mental, emotional and even physical benefits that flow from its use. With mindfulness psychology a core part of my work, it’s with great…

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July 31 2016

Sexual counselling in Geelong can boost knowledge and empower people

Social media is a great thing when it’s used responsibly. It can be fun, informative, link people together and get conversations started. But it’s also imperative that people treat it responsibly. If it’s abused, then the consequences can be devastating. As an experienced psychologist offering sexual counselling services in Geelong, I believe it’s important that…

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June 20 2016

Geelong child psychologist builds stronger relationships

As children grow, it’s a time of intense change for both the individual, their family and their friends. The rewarding journey is flavoured with achievement and joy. But it can also come with pressure, challenges and expectations that can leave kids struggling to cope in today’s busy world. And sometimes a professional perspective can make…

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May 20 2016

Geelong’s corporate counselling service helps workers make better career choices

Do you feel like every working day is the same and that you’re stuck in a rut, with the sides too deep to scale? Are you debating a new career path or wondering how to get more out of your existing occupation? If these questions sound familiar, then drawing on Geelong corporate counselling services is…

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April 20 2016

Counselling for depression supports Geelong’s new mums

Having a baby is life changing. From the moment your beautiful bub arrives, the emotional roller coaster begins. While joy, excitement, love and endless discovery are among the many positives, the postnatal period can be a difficult time for new mothers learning to care for their infant. Fatigue creeps in, confidence can take a hit…

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March 19 2016

Your registered psychologist in Geelong

If talking to friends, family or your partner doesn’t seem to be helping anymore or you feel too embarrassed and like they wouldn’t understand, then it’s time to see a registered psychologist in Geelong. Withdrawing from the people closest to you is a sign it’s time to seek help. When you’re going through a tough…

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