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Yearly Archive: 2017

December 18 2017

Psychologists services including depression treatment in Geelong

If you are caught in the grip of depression, then start a journey to recovery with professional psychologists services in Geelong. As a certified depression and suicide psychologist, I understand the impact depression and anxiety can have on people’s lives and offer effective treatments, counselling and support to help them build a healthier, happier future….

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October 30 2017

Quality stress management counselling in Geelong

Modern life is often accompanied by stress – in the home, in the workplace, at school and in social circles. But when stress becomes the norm, you feel unable to cope and it starts impacting on your health, your relationships and your daily life, it is time to consider professional stress management counselling in Geelong….

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September 24 2017

Professional relationship counselling in Geelong

Relationships aren’t always smooth sailing and sometimes professional relationship counselling in Geelong can make all the difference to the success of lives shared with loved ones. As a registered psychologist with decades of experience in relationship counselling, I apply dynamic, medically substantiated psychological interventions to help couples, individuals and families to overcome their problems, face…

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July 31 2017

Geelong psychologist to co-lead November 4 workshop

Geelong psychologist Helen Handsjuk will help people `reclaim their power’ at a Hepburn Springs workshop in early November. Helen and psychiatrist Leonid Handsjuk will lead the practical mindfulness and bioenergetics workshop together, bringing with them more than 75 years of clinical practice experience and a passion for helping people achieve strong, happy and genuine relationships….

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May 30 2017

Geelong psychologist services offer quality support

Does your life sometimes feel like a pressure cooker, steaming away and set to explode as stress mounts, deadlines loom and responsibilities grow? Drawing on Geelong psychologist services offered by a highly-qualified professional is a positive way to deal with any issues that are overwhelming you, helping you get back on track so you can…

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March 29 2017

Geelong child psychologists help strip away stress

Sometimes charting a course through daily life can be difficult for children and teenagers. The stresses, the challenges and the emotions can build and often seeking help from Geelong child psychologists can be a key factor in reclaiming a happy, healthy life. As a child psychologist with more than three decades of experience, I know…

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February 26 2017

Geelong mindfulness psychologist can help families prepare for a busy school year

While the first month of the new school year is exciting for many kids, it can be a time of anxiety, challenges and pressure for others. If your child is stressed by the experience, it’s worth helping them prepare for the hectic school months using mindfulness techniques. As an experienced Geelong mindfulness therapist and psychologist,…

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January 31 2017

March psychology workshop explores the power of “No’’

Sometimes saying “no” is not just important, it’s downright healthy and liberating. But in this busy and demanding world, where it seems that everyone wants a piece of you, it can often feel like we’ve lost the ability to say that small, vital word. Psychology workshop Reclaim your Power – Learn to say “No” is…

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