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Professional relationship counselling in Geelong

September 24 2017

Relationships aren’t always smooth sailing and sometimes professional relationship counselling in Geelong can make all the difference to the success of lives shared with loved ones.

As a registered psychologist with decades of experience in relationship counselling, I apply dynamic, medically substantiated psychological interventions to help couples, individuals and families to overcome their problems, face their pasts and embrace their futures.

Perhaps you and your spouse are on a rocky road and are wondering how to find direction. Maybe you’re trying to come to terms with the trauma and pain carried over from a previous relationship. Or are your family relationships disintegrating and you need family counselling before the fragile links break under the strain?

No matter what sort of relationship it is – between couples or parents and adolescents – they take skill, understanding and dedication to remain healthy.

When it comes to relationship counselling Geelong people can gain new insight and understanding of their own wants, needs and expectations, as well as those of their partner and families.

A caring psychologist can give you perspective on the situation and challenges you face, helping you to explore and resolve difficult issues in your past and the ones currently confronting you. It’s about recognising destructive behaviours and triggers and finding skills to bring about positive change. And it’s also about improving communication between people in the relationship to forge stronger connections.

Sometimes going with the flow and smoothing over conflict is not always the best answer. If you are unhappy or struggling with unresolved issues in your dealings with loved ones, it may well be time to get the conversation started with relationship counselling in Geelong to get your marriage, partnership or family life back on track.

Asking for professional help can be initially intimidating for couples. But, with counselling delivered in a calm, caring environment, it helps create a catalyst for emotional growth and deeper understanding.

If you think relationship counselling in Geelong can help improve the connection between you and your loved ones, please contact me at Helen Handsjuk Psychology to book an appointment.