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Geelong psychologist services offer quality support

May 30 2017
Geelong psychology brain

A blurry brain as a wiper cleans the confusion to a healthy thinking organ.

Does your life sometimes feel like a pressure cooker, steaming away and set to explode as stress mounts, deadlines loom and responsibilities grow?

Drawing on Geelong psychologist services offered by a highly-qualified professional is a positive way to deal with any issues that are overwhelming you, helping you get back on track so you can enjoy your life more fully every day of every week.

With more than 28 years of experience as a psychologist and a strong background in neuroscience, I am passionate about assisting people to improve their lives. While we all experience stress and hardship at times, it’s time to take action when the burden becomes so heavy it is taking a toll on your mental, physical and emotional well-being.

I listen carefully to clients, help them gain a better understanding of themselves and the issues causing concern, and then arm them with strategies to cope with the problems they are experiencing. No matter what age you are – child, young adult or senior – working with a caring professional who offers a comprehensive range of Geelong psychologist services can make a real difference, providing perspective, practical tools, support, direction and hope.

Perhaps you need help to manage your stress levels, deal with grief or trauma or are after counselling to resolve relationship issues. Do you feel like your life has no direction and you’re stuck in a rut? Are you swamped by depression or anxiety? Are sexual identity and gender identity issues confusing you, stripping away your self-confidence and feelings of peace and self-worth?

For all these issues and more, I am here to help. We all want to live life to the fullest, striding into each day with a positive attitude. But sometimes we need assistance to achieve our goals. So don’t be scared to ask for help – because professional support can be a turning point in your life.

If you would like to know more about the Geelong psychologist services I offer, please contact me at Helen Handsjuk Psychology to book an appointment.