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Yearly Archive: 2020

December 1 2020

Struggling through COVID-19? Contact a qualified psychologist in Geelong today and get help

COVID counselling Geelong

If you are struggling to keep afloat during the coronavirus pandemic, talking to a qualified psychologist in Geelong can be a positive step. COVID-19 has had a big impact on people’s mental health for much of the year. It’s left families in mourning, triggered lockdowns, caused economic hardship and put strain on people’s lives. Helen…

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November 1 2020

Book a somatic mindfulness session in Geelong today

Somatic mindfulness in Geelong

While children learn mindfulness techniques at school and adults use it to kick start their day, less is known about somatic mindfulness in Geelong. But somatic mindfulness carries with it real and lasting benefits, especially for people living with past trauma. Somatic mindfulness teaches you to tune into your body and actively seek a purposeful…

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October 1 2020

Adolescent counselling for Geelong region’s teenagers

Adolescent Counselling Geelong

Experienced psychologist Helen Handsjuk has seen first hand how professional adolescent counselling in Geelong can turn people’s lives around. Adolescents face many challenges as they navigate today’s fast-paced world on their way to becoming adults. School and university pressures and issues surrounding social media, sexuality and gender, terrorism, bullying and relationships can take a heavy…

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September 21 2020

Coping with the impact of repeated trauma in Geelong

Repeated Trauma Counselling Geelong

After suffering through COVID-19’s initial hit earlier this year, many people are now struggling with a sense of repeated trauma in Geelong during the second wave. And that’s not surprising. The second wave of any psychological trauma – such as an accident, illness or assault – can have a far greater impact psychologically than the…

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August 5 2020

Psychologist services in Geelong for when you’re feeling ‘stuck’

Psychologist services in Geelong

Helen Handsjuk provides psychologist services for Geelong residents who may be at a crossroads in their journey through life, looking to take on a new direction or make a change but not really sure what their next step may be. This is a completely natural part of life, whether it’s a personal relationship, taking a…

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July 10 2020

5 benefits of relationship counselling for Geelong couples

Relationship counselling Geelong

Helen Handsjuk is a local relationship counselling expert in Geelong. There are many situations in which relationship counselling can have a profoundly positive impact on couples, helping to create healthy and productive practices, strategies, and rebuilding relationships. Some of the benefits of relationship counselling include: 1. Work together to develop a proper channel of communication…

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May 5 2020

Developing resilience during a pandemic – A Workshop

Helen recently tuned into a workshop on whether we should stay calm during a pandemic and the importance of developing resilience by Jurie Rossouw, CEO of Driven and resilience expert. The workshop below may be of some use to anyone who feels like stree may be getting the better of them currently, or if you’re…

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March 23 2020

Maintaining psychological hygiene during a crisis

Tips on maintaining psychological health during COVID-19 and other crisis’ Psychological hygiene can be defined as being mindful of one’s mental health and establishing daily routines or habits to assist in maintaining a healthy psychological well-being. During a crisis, it’s important to remain updated with relevant information and recommendations but also to discern how much…

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January 27 2020

How trauma counselling can help people suffering from Australia’s bushfire crisis

Effective trauma counselling Geelong

      Trauma counselling is a form of therapy for anyone who has been through an intense or negative experience in their lives. Whether it is a repeated trauma such as abuse or bullying or a one off such as a death, natural disaster, terminal illness or job loss, trauma counselling can help you…

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