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Psychologist services in Geelong for when you’re feeling ‘stuck’

August 5 2020

Helen Handsjuk provides psychologist services for Geelong residents who may be at a crossroads in their journey through life, looking to take on a new direction or make a change but not really sure what their next step may be.

This is a completely natural part of life, whether it’s a personal relationship, taking a different career path, or a change of lifestyle, we may seek change for numerous reasons throughout different stages in life.

Whether you’re feeling ‘stuck’ in a job, an unhealthy relationship or a lifestyle that is having a negative impact on your everyday life, developing a healthy and productive mindset can have a profound impact on this change.

Helen Handsjuk has helped many people of all ages, career types, and in different stages of life, helping them make the changes they need to succeed in life. Helen can offer career counselling to help you set out a plan to find a career that brings you fulfillment and suits your personality traits, whether this involves further study or you simply hadn’t considered it as an option before.

Contact us to find out more about our psychology services for Geelong residents, Helen’s expertise and experience working with a wide range of people means that she can provide you tailored advice on how to proceed to the next stage of your life.

Please ask us about our video consultation services if you would prefer this to a face-to-face appointment for health reasons, we can accommodate your routine and find a solution that works for you.