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Yearly Archive: 2015

December 9 2015

Geelong’s corporate counselling services cover mindfulness

Why a positive culture is the most important thing your workplace should foster. The Harvard Business Review has published research and statistics that demonstrate why fostering a positive culture at your workplace is so important. While drawing on data in the US, we anticipate¬†Australia’s statistics wouldn’t look terribly different! And it makes sense, doesn’t it….

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August 18 2015

Psychology and the Environment

We may ask what do the two have in common between our mental, emotional and physical well-being and the environment in which we live. For the purpose of this brief discussion I would like to define environment as the natural environment; the air we breathe, water we consume, the land and earth which offers us…

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May 11 2015

Reflections on Mother’s Day

I thought I would share some personal reflections. I commenced today with a beautiful and thoughtful greeting card from my two adult children, followed by a breakfast of croissants and coffee. A couple of hours further into the day, I was strongly impressed to similarly acknowledge my gratitude to my late mother, Marsha and her…

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March 17 2015

The Interrelationship Between Neuroscience, Psychology and Mindfulness.

I recently attended a wonderful workshop on the neuroscience of the social brain facilitated by Dr. Pieter Rossouw from Queensland University. As a practitioner it is exciting to witness scientific revelations that offer greater understanding and therefore clinical application for psychological interventions- e.g. C.B.T. psychodynamic therapy, neuropsychotherapy and mindfulness. Our sense of safety followed by…

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January 18 2015

Bringing Mindfulness to Life in 2015

Broome in WA was a perfect ground for my seminar last year and perfect introduction to mindfulness basics. Nature in her raw form offers ample opportunity and encouragement for connection to the elements. Via our senses we connect and rediscover the ebb and flow of our own rhythm and life. Stress and fears dissipate, opening…

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