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Clarifying direction

It doesn’t seem to matter who we are, somewhere along our life journey challenges will come our way. We can feel “stuck” in our job and our relationships and want to find a more balanced and meaningful life. No matter how challenging the circumstances, finding resolution and peace can be possible. You can look at some of the ways in which to make changes to become happier about the direction and quality of your life.

Work and career counselling

You may consider counselling with a Geelong psychologist when you need guidance and help about areas of study and possible career movements or changes. Working through your life plans and career intentions can help you realise your career objectives, as well as setting personal goals and learning skills to allow you to make positive career choices.

To make an appointment with Helen, please telephone her on 0414 681 023, or send an email.

Mindfulness training is another powerful way to bring physical, mental and emotional benefits into your life. Mindfulness is the practice of focusing your attention on the present moment and experiencing the here and now without judgment and with an attitude of kindness towards yourself and others.