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Relationships counselling, Geelong

Healthy relationships are a desire for many that can be difficult to achieve. Talking to a professional often provides benefits and perspective in exploring your personal relationships in a safe and caring manner.

Helen Handsjuk has more than 30¬†years’ experience in clinical practice, and offers marriage relationship counselling, couples relationship counselling, sexual counselling and family relationships counselling.

Whether you want a marriage and relationship psychologist to improve your current relationships, or to recover from past relationship difficulties and traumas, Helen Handsjuk can provide the relationships counselling that will allow you to explore and resolve both current and past issues.

With an interest and extensive training in psychodynamic therapy, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), and bioenergentic psychotherapy, Helen will work with you to help improve your relationship.

Family relationship counselling allows the whole family to come together. With the help of a parenting and family psychologist you can engage in counselling that nurtures change and development. While famiy relationship counselling works best when all members are able to attend, it is still very possible to work on difficulties despite not all being present.

How can counselling for relationships help?

  • Destructive patterns of relating can be recognised and addressed
  • Conflict and communication can be improved
  • New relationship skills can be learned
  • The impact of change and loss can be examined
  • Relationships can be more successful.

To make an appointment, contact Helen via email, or telephone on 0414 681 023.

Helen has also brought the simple and practical techniques of mindfulness into her Geelong practice, running mindfulness group and workplace sessions, as well as working directly with individuals to help you make the most of the physical, mental and emotional benefits it offers.