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Corporate counselling services in Geelong

Mental health and well-being in the workplace

Mental health and well-being in the workplace is linked to happier and healthier employees, better working relationships and productivity. It’s important your workplace in Geelong or district doesn’t ignore or neglect the mental health of its staff. Your staff members are the biggest asset you have in business, which is exactly why you should take care of them!

As an experienced psychologist, Helen Handsjuk provides corporate counselling in Geelong and surrounding areas. The core element of Helen’s teachings are centred on mindfulness – a preventative area of mental health and scientifically proven and effective intervention.

By teaching your employees how to identify and cope with stress you can help prevent stress taking over and becoming a more serious mental health or physical health condition. Mindfulness can be practised anywhere and its principles carry over into your personal life, not just professional. This has added benefits for the workforce because happy people make the best employees!

Helen Handsjuk’s corporate counselling services promote productivity and team building, including how to have more meaningful relationships at work.

This service is available:

  • For any workplace in Geelong and district
  • For schools, including primary, secondary and tertiary education facilities
  • For managers and leadership
  • For groups of staff.

The main options are to train managers and leadership how to educate their staff to manage their own mental health through mindfulness or to workshop mindfulness training with groups of staff.

The education sector can particularly benefit from corporate counselling and mindfulness training as the benefit is passed onto the students. We know this to be important for the mental health and well-being of the next generation in Geelong and beyond.

Please contact Helen Handsjuk to discuss the needs of your workplace. If your workplace is located beyond the Greater Geelong region, Helen is willing to negotiate travel for corporate services.