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Sexual counselling Geelong

If you have any concerns regarding any area of your sex life, there are ways in which you can get assistance. Of course it’s not always easy to speak about sexual difficulty but a good starting point is getting in touch with experienced and caring Geelong psychologist┬áHelen Handsjuk.

Sexual counselling in relationships

Sexual counselling is incredibly rewarding and can lead to a much-improved sex life and physical intimacy.

If you’ve stopped having sex, if sexual problems are preventing you from starting a family or are negatively affecting your relationship, whether you’re single, married or in a relationship, gay, lesbian or straight, sexual counselling can help improve your sex life and to overcome any specific sexual dysfunctions or associated genito-pelvic pain disorders.

Contact sex psychologist and sexual therapist Helen on (03) 5229 8021 or 04140681 023. You can also send an email.

Sexual problems can also lead to difficulties in your relationship. As a registered Geelong psychotherapist, Helen Handsjuk is highly experienced at dealing with relationship issues. Make an appointment today if you feel you have concerns that need addressing.

Sexual abuse counselling

Any form of sexual engagement, be it through touching, looking or social media, requires consenting adults. The absence of consent (or if one of the parties is a minor) results in sexual abuse and/or assault, which have criminal implications and are matters for the police.

These are extremely distressing and difficult events to have to deal with. Indeed, in many cases childhood abuse is not addressed until sexual or relationship problems emerge in adulthood. Helen Handsjuk can offer guidance and clarity for a person to start to explore this sensitive subject without pressure. You will find that individual sexual abuse counselling and therapy can be effective treatments for abuse victims.

Sexual identity counselling

Unfortunately there is still a percentage of people with misconceptions about sexual orientation preferences and bullying can be present. In this case counselling will impart strategies to cope with the small mindedness of other people.

As with any person and any issue, acceptance must first come from within. In order to accept others’ perceptions for what they are, you must first accept yourself. Helen will help you accept and love your identity, the first step in your journey towards embracing your true sexual orientation or gender identity.

If you, or someone you know, is experiencing confusion about their sexuality, counselling will help address emotions and issues, providing practical strategies and emotional resilience so you can live your best life and be the truest version of yourself.