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Finding meaning and purpose with your Geelong psychologist

Humans are wired to seek meaning in life. We long to understand our experiences, gain clarity about our own identity and have some sense of purpose. We want to know our lives and experiences make sense and matter in the larger scheme of things.

For many of us, simply living and experiencing the ups and downs of life isn’t enough. We want to understand our place in it and have some certainty that our particular lives make a difference.

Having a sense of meaning in life helps us enjoy and appreciate the here and now and allows us to live with passion and purpose each and every day.

According to Michael Steger, Associate Professor at Colorado State University and researcher on the meaning of life: “People who feel this way, who have a sense of meaning in life, also report feeling more happy, more satisfied with their lives, less depressed and anxious, and more satisfied with their jobs.”

Experienced psychologist and Geelong mindfulness trainer Helen Handsjuk can help you find your sense of joy, purpose, well-being and engagement in your work and your life.