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Geelong psychologist FAQs

How long does a psychology session, group or workshop run for?

Individual, couple and family sessions  with your Geelong counselling psychotherapist run for approximately one hour. Group or workplace training sessions vary in duration, depending on requirements.

What about payment for each session?

Session rates with your Geelong counselling psychotherapist are in accord with APS prices and phycological services. All payments are via bank transfer. A receipt is forwarded on day of service which can then be claimed directly with Medicare or with the health insurance provider.

I have private health insurance. Are there any rebates?

Some private health insurance funds offer rebates under ancillary benefits for counselling sessions with a registered Geelong psychologist. Check with your fund about your eligibility for a rebate.

What about Medicare rebates?

If you have a Mental Health Care Plan referral from your GP, Medicare rebates apply. The scheme allows for up to 10 sessions with your Geelong psychologist per year. You may also be eligible for 10 additional sessions under Covid-19+10 sessions.

The reason for my appointment stems from a work related issue.

Helen, a Geelong psychologist, is an Accredited Workcover and TAC provider.

Our organisation is looking to hosting some mindfulness groups. How long do they run for?

Mindfulness groups or group development sessions can be run in your workplace, from one hour sessions through to extensive seminars and workshops specially designed for your organisation.

Do you see children as well as adults at your practice?

Yes. Helen is a child psychologist who has extensive experience dealing with the issues that children face within their families, school and peer groups.