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Yearly Archive: 2014

September 3 2014

Booking details: Educational talk on mindfulness in Broome

Please click on the image above to view full PDF version. Bookings are now open for this community talk on mindfulness in Broome on 26th September, commencing at 10am – 12pm. Places are limited so please book early. The venue is Broome Community House at 27 Frederick Street in Broome, Western Australia. It will cover…

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July 9 2014

Mindfulness stripped back to basics – Broome

On the 26th of September this year, I am presenting a talk in Broome, Western Australia about mindfulness. The talk is titled “Mindfulness stripped back to basics”. The talk will present the basic concepts and benefits with some practical tools which you can use to implement mindfulness in your daily life. Mindfulness will be explored…

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July 7 2014

When should I take my child to a Geelong psychologist?

Making the decision to take our kids to a child psychologist here in Geelong can be a confronting thing. How do you know when a trip to a psychologist is warranted? They ask Therapy, counselling and mental health have all become a huge part of our popular culture, particularly through the media and school. Our…

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February 12 2014

Geelong mindfulness skills at work

Mindfulness practice and training is about your life.  It isn’t just about the time you commit to meditating on a cushion or chair.  It is about learning to be awake for each moment of your life.  When you think of it that way, bringing your Geelong mindfulness training into the moments in your day is…

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