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5 benefits of relationship counselling for Geelong couples

July 10 2020

Helen Handsjuk is a local relationship counselling expert in Geelong. There are many situations in which relationship counselling can have a profoundly positive impact on couples, helping to create healthy and productive practices, strategies, and rebuilding relationships.

Some of the benefits of relationship counselling include:

1. Work together to develop a proper channel of communication without resorting to anger or bad habits

Seeing a trained psychologist that has experience in relationship counselling will give you the techniques you need to de-escalate situations and work on creating a method of communication that prevents both partners from raising their voice or resorting to angry behavioural patterns.

2. Reduces daily conflict in your relationship

Conflict is a natural part of any relationship, but there are ways to resolve conflict in a healthy manner. Whether one person in the couple is quicker to anger or conflict than the other, or both people in the partnership create conflict where conflict isn’t necessary, incorporating healthy strategies and methods of relating and communicating with your partner can greatly reduce conflict on a daily basis.

3. Work on being able to speak your mind without hurting the other person in the relationship

Sometimes it’s not what you say, it’s how you say it. Working with a psychologist can help you develop a communication strategy that allows you to properly tell your partner what you need from them, and then have them respond to that in a way that makes you feel vindicated and heard.

4. Understand each other’s needs better

Like many of the things mentioned above, communication is the key to resolving a lot of issues. Undertaking relationship counselling can help you understand your partner’s needs and then take action on them.

5. Gives a safe place to resolve any outstanding issues

Having a professional in the room when discussing any issue you and your partner may have can create an appropriate place for you to adequately express your emotions without getting overwhelmed. A relationship counsellor will also intervene when needed and assist the couple in working through things as a team.

Contact us today to find out more about the benefits of relationship counselling in Geelong. Given the situation with COVID-19 in Victoria, we can also provide telephone or video counselling.