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Maintaining psychological hygiene during a crisis

March 23 2020

Tips on maintaining psychological health during COVID-19 and other crisis’

Psychological hygiene can be defined as being mindful of one’s mental health and establishing daily routines or habits to assist in maintaining a healthy psychological well-being.

During a crisis, it’s important to remain updated with relevant information and recommendations but also to discern how much information is enough, or too much. You should aim to stay informed but not overloaded, as this can lead to increased stress or even anxiety that is not helpful or beneficial to you or the people around you in a crisis.

Small but important things that can help

Focus on things that you can control and invest your time and mental energy into them, whether this is work, house chores, study or a combination of these thinks.

Try to keep things as simple as possible. Keep your shopping local, cook at home, brew your own coffee, try to be as independent as possible.

Also, watch for anxiety triggers and try to keep your emotional state as calm as possible, if you feel yourself panicking when watching the news or doing a certain activity try to limit this.

Mindfulness practice is an effective circuit breaker for stress and anxiety and good preventative practice to build your emotional resilience.

Many applications are available for download such as the Calm and Headspace apps, there are also a variety of other mental health resources online.

Continue to practice daily physical activities either indoors or outside that increase your breathing and heart rate, but know and respect your own limits.

Socially connect on a daily basis (respecting recommendations), if you’re self-isolating on your own this could involve simply picking up the phone and calling a family member or friend.

Overall, remember to smile, breathe, and move. It’s an opportunity to not only take care of ourselves but to consider and take care of one another.

Maintaining psychological hygiene in a time of crisis, such as the one we are all currently experiencing is essential to both your own well-being and the people around you.

If you feel as though you could benefit from talking to a professional, please don’t hesitate to contact us.