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Geelong mindfulness psychologist can help families prepare for a busy school year

February 26 2017

While the first month of the new school year is exciting for many kids, it can be a time of anxiety, challenges and pressure for others.

If your child is stressed by the experience, it’s worth helping them prepare for the hectic school months using mindfulness techniques.

As an experienced Geelong mindfulness therapist and psychologist, I’ve seen first-hand the many benefits this modern meditation practice can bring to people’s lives in areas including stress reduction, enhanced learning and improvement in attention.

Let’s face it, the pace of life today can be mentally exhausting for children and adults alike. It’s fast, full of new experiences and packed with distractions. And sometimes minds – young and not so young – just need to calm down and embrace the `now’.

So how can your family start along the path to mindfulness in Geelong? Here are some practical tips to begin preparing for the rewarding mindfulness journey:

  • Set the intention for the year and choose to pace with `mindfulness restraint’ rather than launch into that all familiar, busy schedule that can amp up anxiety levels for all members of the family. While many may associate business with glamour and achievement, it’s also medically shown to stress the system. And stress can compromise us physically, psychologically and socially.
  • Set a daily `device free’ time for the entire family. And then stick to it. While the lure of TV, iPads, iPods, smart phones and their many cousins is strong, try to turn them off for one to two hours each day.  This may well be extremely challenging initially, but persist and explore the rich rewards of a mentally quieter time of reduced distractions.
  • And create a `quiet room’ or space within your home. It’s often pointed out that homes have designated rooms for activities including cooking, bathing and playing, but how many of us allocate space to enjoy quietness and contemplation? So find that small corner, that sunny spot or spare room and give it a calming use. Creating such a space can be sufficient to embrace the tone and build a stronger mindfulness practice for your entire family.

By embracing mindfulness Geelong clients of all ages can enjoy mental and emotional health benefits and a boost to their physical wellbeing too.

If you would like to learn more about mindfulness techniques, please contact me to book an appointment. As an experienced psychologist in Geelong, I am here to help.