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Geelong psychologist helps treat postnatal depression

October 31 2016

With Perinatal Depression and Anxiety Awareness Week due to start on November 13, it’s a timely reminder of the many changes and challenges parents experience during the postnatal period.

As a Geelong psychologist I know the immense value that professional and supportive counselling provides parents caught in the grip of postnatal depression during the often difficult first 12 months of parenthood.

Depression and anxiety during the perinatal period, which includes pregnancy and the year after birth, is common.

Perinatal Anxiety and Depression Australia (PANDA) figures reveal about one in seven women will experience postnatal depression in this country. The figure for new dads sits slightly lower at one in 10. In the case of antenatal depression, the figures stand at about one in 10 for pregnant women and one in 20 for expectant dads.

While those rates show just how widespread perinatal depression and anxiety is, the impact it has on parents and families is hard-hitting and devastating. But don’t battle on alone – there is quality assistance out there to help you get your life back on track. Objective, caring counselling from a Geelong psychologist can play an important role in your road to recovery.

When a baby arrives, the bub brings amazing joy and happiness into a household. But new parents can also face feelings of fatigue, lack of confidence and anxiety. If these negative emotions are lingering from days into weeks, then take that step and talk to your doctor and a psychologist.

Postnatal depression and anxiety can affect individuals differently. Its touch can be mild for some and debilitating for others. Symptoms can include a change in appetite, irritability, feelings of guilt and inadequacy, sleep disturbance, relationship issues, obsessive behaviour and overwhelming feelings of being unable to cope.

Attending counselling with a professional psychologist, who can use cognitive behavioural therapy and other techniques to help you, is a positive approach to getting your life back under control. That way you can enjoy parenthood and your family to the fullest.

Please contact me at Helen Handsjuk Psychology if you think you need perinatal or postnatal depression counselling. As a Geelong psychologist with years of experience, I am keen to help.