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Psychologist in Geelong helps adolescents develop study and learning skills

September 27 2016

With VCE exams just over a month away many parents are keen to help their teens make the most of those last few weeks of study or get a jump on dealing with next year’s academic workload.

Sometimes when adolescents are struggling to cope with the stress of exams, peer pressure, the expectations of family and other issues, a teen or child psychologist in Geelong can help them get on track and cope with life’s challenges and demands. So whether you’re after an edge come exam time or tools to help you lower your anxiety levels, turning to a professional can be a sensible step to take.

As a psychologist, I find great reward in helping adolescents to develop quality study and learning skills through different modalities encompassing clinical neuropsychotherapy, cognitive behavioural therapy and mindfulness stress reduction. These proven techniques do more than help on an academic front though – they can make real, positive differences to teenagers in areas including relationships and emotional modulation and understanding as well as concentration, focus and clear thinking.

Whether it’s helping adolescents challenge and change negative thought patterns or giving them mindfulness tools to calm themselves and lower their level of stress, they are all skills that can help them in their academic life at school and university and their everyday life for years to come.

Let’s face it, there’s a lot going on inside the adolescent brain. It’s constantly evolving and changing right into adulthood and this impacts on the behaviour and thoughts of teenagers. When these changes occur depends on a range of factors including puberty and age.

While the brain’s efficiency levels are humming along nicely at this time, the significant changes can cause adolescents to take more risks, behave impulsively and feel strong emotions.

And as all this happens in a teenager’s head, they’ve still got to navigate the high stresses that can accompany increased study, peer group and self-esteem issues, anxiety and family relationships too.

So it’s no wonder adolescents can benefit from techniques and tips from a caring, non-judgemental Geelong youth psychologist to help make their path through this time in life smoother.

When it comes to looking for an experienced psychologist Geelong people can turn to me at Helen Handsjuk Psychology. I listen to my clients, develop trust, help them build valuable study, learning and life skills as exam time marches closer with every day and empower them to lead happy, positive lives.

Please contact me at Helen Handsjuk Psychology for more information or to book an appointment.