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Geelong child and teenage psychologist

Helen Handsjuk is a prominent psychologist in Geelong and an expert in helping children and people young and old with a wide range of mental health problems and difficulties. Helen has spent more than 30 years developing and expanding her knowledge and skills and uses the talents she has acquired throughout her counselling career to help people with issues they can face in the 21st century.

As a Geelong psychologist she works with a diverse range of young people from varied backgrounds and facing different challenges. Some of the problems adolescents and children deal with are obvious, but others not as apparent. Social media, peer groups and school pressures are common sources of stress and worry but issues such as terrorism, sexuality, refugee and asylum seeker issues, to name a few, can have an effect on young people. Working with a child psychologist can be an effective way to help young people cope with stresses and worries in their lives.

Drugs and alcohol can be insidious problems in young people’s lives and Geelong psychologist Helen Handsjuk can support and guide young people through the anxiety and issues which might be the catalyst for drug and alcohol use.

Child psychologists often have to help deal with family stresses and Helen Handsjuk welcomes the opportunity to meet with parents and children to help them work through their problems and find solutions which can help them lead happier and healthier lives.

If you’d like to know more about how child, teenage and family psychologists can help in your life, please contact Helen Handsjuk. Helen provides a range of psychology services including sexual abuse counselling, counselling for postnatal depression, trauma counselling, grief and loss counselling and marriage and relationship counselling. She is also a leading exponent of mindfulness psychology in Geelong.