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Relationships counselling helps Geelong couples and families stay connected

November 27 2016

With each year seeming to fly by faster than the one before, it’s easy to neglect your relationships.

The important links between partners, children and family can suffer as we struggle to deal with the pressures, challenges and changes in our lives.

Whether you’re navigating through an evolving relationship, trying to improve communication or dealing with loss, relationships counselling in Geelong helps you to explore those connections in a safe and private environment.

We all want our relationships to be healthy. But it can take hard work, and sometimes professional help, to get them back on track when deep fractures begin to form.

As a psychologist with over 30 years of clinical practice experience, I’ve seen the value that relationships counselling can bring to individuals, couples and families.

Counselling has many advantages. It gives clients a new perspective on their situation and lets them talk and be heard. Working with a psychologist, clients can gain a better understanding of issues that have affected them both in the past and present. Then, armed with strategies and support, they can resolve those issues and embrace a more positive future.

If you know your relationships are fraying but don’t know what to do, relationships counselling in Geelong could help on many fronts. From improving communication, recognising triggers for conflict and addressing destructive elements to learning new life skills, counselling can enrich your existence and strengthen your bonds.

And if relationships have broken down completely, in situations including divorce, counselling can also play a major role in helping families deal with loss, grief and anger and move forward.

For compassionate relationships counselling Geelong people can contact me to book an appointment. I am here to help.