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Seeking counselling a positive step for people with postnatal depression in Geelong

June 26 2019

When you are a new mother, it’s normal to ride a roller coaster of emotions in those early days.

Love, excitement, apprehension and a myriad of other feelings combine with exhaustion, leaving many people battling as they learn how to look after their baby. But for some mothers, anxiety and depression can overshadow their lives and that’s when it’s important to seek expert Geelong counselling for depression.

Depression is not an uncommon problem. In fact, Beyond Blue states that one in 10 Australian women will suffer from depression during their pregnancy. The corresponding rate for postnatal depression, which occurs in the months after giving birth, rises to one in six women. New dads can also be affected. And if you’ve suffered from postnatal depression in the past, the condition can return during a subsequent pregnancy and birth.

If you are feeling a lack of connection with your baby, increased irritability, anxiety, confusion, guilt or changes in your appetite – and these feelings continue – then professional counselling by an experienced Geelong psychologist such as Helen Handsjuk can make a positive difference. Other common symptoms include sleep disturbance, crying, an inability to cry and loss of sexual libido.

Helen specialises in helping new mothers caught in the grip of postnatal depression implement practices in their daily life to get them walking the path to recovery.

Caring for a baby is hard work, and needing a helping hand is not a sign of weakness. In fact, it’s a strong step forward. And it’s a step that can change your life for the better.

While talking to supportive family and friends is helpful, having an objective Geelong counsellor in your corner who can offer advice, techniques and approaches such as cognitive behavioural therapy makes a world of difference.

Postnatal depression is not a condition anyone can afford to ignore. It can have a devastating effect on parents of babies and place huge strain on relationships.

If you feel that you could benefit from Geelong counselling for depression, delivered by a caring psychologist, please contact Helen Handsjuk today to book an appointment.