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Geelong psychologist’s tips for dealing with grief this festive season

December 18 2019

If you are struggling with grief this festive season, then turn to Geelong psychologists for strategies to cope in this difficult time.

People have an opportunity over the holiday season to take a break from busy lives, reflect on the year that was and spend much-needed time with family and friends.

For many, it’s the best time of the year – filled with happiness and fun. But for others, who are grieving the loss of a loved one, it is one of the hardest periods of the year.

You now have an empty seat at the table. You miss their company dreadfully. And you have to face Christmas and its festivities without them, where triggers of shared times abound and their absence is strongly felt.

Geelong psychologists offer valuable assistance in helping clients to cope through the Christmas break and beyond. Here are some tips to help navigate grief this festive season:

  • Recognise that you miss your loved one and are grieving for them. Your emotions are part of the healing process;
  • Don’t force yourself to take part in holiday festivities. You are allowed to say “no”;
  • Plan ways to make things easier on yourself. This could be as simple as buying presents online so you avoid shopping, or driving yourself to festive events so you can leave when you want;
  • Carry out an act of kindness for others;
  • And don’t be hard on yourself for your range of emotions at this time of year. You are allowed to feel sad. You are also allowed to laugh without feeling guilty.

Remember, help and support is out there. You don’t have to deal with your grief and sense of loss on your own.

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