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Personal mindfulness training, Geelong

When we make an effort to be aware of ourselves and our environment we have improved quality of life and significantly better outcomes. Mindfulness – the capacity for being aware and attentive in the moment – involves cultivating the capacity to deal with the situation at hand in ways that are purposeful and well balanced. The ability to be “in the present moment” releases the mind from habitual patterns that lead to worry, stress and burn-out, and enable more intuitive, productive and creative responses to new challenges.

Working with experienced Geelong mindfulness practitioner Helen Handsjuk, you can start on your journey of personal development and growth that will allow you to discover your true sense of self. Mindfulness can become your simple way of being. You are making a conscious choice to stay aware in the present moment, meaning the difference between being held captive by anxiety and worry, or experiencing calm centered awareness in your daily life.

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As a Geelong psychologist, Helen also offers counselling for anxiety and depression, as well as stress and trauma.