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Qigong classes & workshops in Geelong

Helen Handjuk is a level 1 Qigong instructor holding classes and workshops at Geelong City Yoga. Qigong (pronounce chee-gong) is an ancient Chinese practice that incorporates movement, proper body posture, martial arts, deep breathing and methods of meditation.

Helen specialises in Ziran Qigong, a modern version of the practice that retains its roots in traditional Qigong, but utilises terms and methods that suit modern people. Ziran Qigong focuses on helping people understand their body and mind, and the connection between the two.

These classes complement Helen’s range of mindfulness workshops and meditation training, and can help people deal with a range of things, from stress to anxiety, or can simply used to help people increase their overall wellness.

During her comprehensive training in Qigong that included a training course in China under the direct guidance of Master Liu Deming, Helen has developed the ability to help anyone from people who have never practiced any type of mindfulness or meditation in their lives, to people who have extensive experience in meditation and mindfulness.

If you’re interested in other group mindfulness practices, we also offer nature based therapy in Geelong.

Benefits of practicing Qigong

Practicing Qigong has helped Chinese people harmonise and balance their life energy force or ‘chi’ for centuries. This practice has also proven to be beneficial for people in the modern world, who often find themselves overwhelmed, busy and unable to be present in their daily lives.

By attending a Qigong workshop in Geelong, many of Helen’s attendees have been able to reclaim ownership of their mind and body, and increase their vitality.

For more information about Helen Handsjuk’s Qigong classes please contact her directly.