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Nature Based Therapy in Geelong

Firstly, what is nature based therapy? Nature based therapy is an evergrowing practice that is now being incorporated in many therapies and holistic health treatments. Nature based therapy involves immersing one’s self in nature temporarily with the aim of supporting their mental health. Psychologist Helen Handsjuk’s Geelong nature based therapy allows you to truly experience nature with a small, intimate group of people.

This type of nature based therapy will involve a slow walk led by Helen, followed by a quietening of your system and internal dialogue, and simply engaging the senses, incorporating both the mind and body.

Why is nature based therapy beneficial for one’s mental health?

Living in the modern world we often find ourselves constantly connected to some kind of electronic device, spending most of our time in air conditioned spaces, with little natural light and disconnected from nature on a daily basis.

Nature based therapy aims to help people reconnect with nature in a mindful way through a guided class that will help you properly engage the senses and practice some outdoor meditation. This type of therapy is shown to alleviate stress and anxiety, lower the heart rate and blood pressure.

Are you looking for an opportunity to take time out from your busy life to reset and ground yourself? Contact local psychologist Helen Handsjuk to find out more about her nature based therapy in Geelong.

Helen plans to run weekly classes, depending on demand, and will work with you to make this a complementary part of your ongoing treatment or as a separate class you can attend if you prefer. Nature based therapy is also highly effective when used in conjunction with mindfulness training, from group exercises to Qigong classes, or even your own private meditation.