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Geelong mindfulness workshops

Experienced Geelong mindfulness trainer Helen Handsjuk can run a seminar with your organisation to promote innovation and positive change through the practise of mindfulness.

Apple, Google, Deutsche Bank, Proctor & Gamble, and General Mills – these companies all have mindfulness programs in place for their employees. Helen designs and presents specialised mindfulness seminars to help companies, law firms, teams and other organisations grow more focused, creative, productive, and powerful, and also to foster stronger bonds among colleagues and between your organisation and the community.

Schools around the globe, including many in Geelong, are running mindfulness programs with their students. Why? Because mindfulness has been found to help reduce stress, increase both physical and mental well-being, foster better relationships and improve productivity.

Contact Helen to discuss a mindfulness seminar tailored especially for your business, organisation or school, and discover just how much the well-being and success of any organisation, community or group is inextricably linked to the wellness of its individual members. You can phone her 0414 681 023, or send an email.

Think about how mindfulness can help you with your personal development too. There are many links between practising mindfulness and reaping the physical, mental and emotional benefits it offers.