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Psychologists in Geelong help you find more purpose in life

February 27 2019

Do you ever feel like your life is short on meaning and tall on stress, workload and emptiness?

While humans are genetically programmed to do things that allow them to have a purpose and experience meaning in life, the modern world often clouds our vision in these areas.

If you feel there’s too much noise in your head or your life is lacking direction and purpose, then psychologists in Geelong can help you better understand how to live a more purposeful, positive life.

And the number one tip for having a greater sense of meaning in day-to-day living is to practise mindfulness.

Geelong psychologist and mindfulness trainer Helen Handsjuk can teach you how to incorporate mindfulness into your daily life, helping you to focus on the present moment.

Mindfulness is about experiencing the ‘now’ with a kind attitude to yourself and others. It’s about casting off the blanket of judgement and changing the way you view the world and the relationships within your outer world.

Helen teaches people to embrace mindfulness using simple techniques that are easy to incorporate into everyday living.

Mindfulness can help people rediscover their passion and purpose in life as they realise they can make a difference in their world. It’s invigorating and satisfying and, put simply, makes people feel happier.

So what are you passionate about? Where do you direct your energy? And do you feel you are engaging fully in life?

With Helen’s assistance and mindfulness techniques, you can regain your clarity and identity and develop that sense of purpose and understanding of your place in the world that may have been missing for months or even years.

Mindfulness is a great boost to a healthy lifestyle. Benefits include lower stress, increased confidence, improved productivity and better physical and psychological health.

If you would like to start your journey to a more purposeful life with help from psychologists in Geelong, contact Helen Handsjuk to book a session today.