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Sexual identity counselling, Geelong

As your Geelong-based psychologist, Helen Handsjuk is experienced at working through gender identity and sexual identity issues with individuals. Sexual orientation counselling will help you find the confidence to live your truest life and find happiness and peace with yourself and others around you.

As with any person and any issue, acceptance must first come from within. In order to accept others’ perceptions for what they are, you must first accept yourself. Helen will help you accept and love your identity, the first step in your journey towards embracing your true sexual orientation or gender identity.

Transgender counselling

Transgender counselling is an area which is growing in demand, thanks to greater societal acceptance and understanding, which allows individuals to pursue their true being. Particularly where treatment plans or surgery might be involved to change your gender, Helen will help you understand the emotions that might arise during such a significant transformation. While changing your gender might be the right decision, it’s still a big decision and as with any big decision the right support will ensure you remain confident throughout.

Sexual identity counselling

Unfortunately there is still a percentage of people with misconceptions about sexual orientation preferences and bullying can be present. In this case counselling will impart strategies to cope with the small mindedness of other people.

If you, or someone you know, is experiencing gender issues or confusion about their sexuality, counselling will help address emotions and issues, providing practical strategies and emotional resilience so you can live your best life and be the truest version of yourself. Please contact Helen Handsjuk to discuss services and to book an appointment in Geelong.