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Geelong child psychologists help strip away stress

March 29 2017

Sometimes charting a course through daily life can be difficult for children and teenagers.

The stresses, the challenges and the emotions can build and often seeking help from Geelong child psychologists can be a key factor in reclaiming a happy, healthy life.

As a child psychologist with more than three decades of experience, I know how important it can be for kids to be able to de-stress in a safe and private environment.

Talking to a caring professional can provide young people with perspective and strategies to deal with the pressures that come with living in today’s hectic world. It’s about listening to them in a non-threatening environment, understanding their worries and then working together to navigate a more positive path in their lives.

Being a young person today can be an extremely stressful business for some. There’s school and exam stress, uncertainty about life direction after school, peer pressure, relationship and family issues and the added stress that can accompany the relentless world of social media.

Couple those issues with concerns about terrorism and violence around the world, sexuality issues, domestic violence, financial problems and physical problems and it’s no wonder that kids might need some guidance, tools and reassurance to get back on track.

With Geelong child psychologists providing valuable support, young clients can gain a better understanding of themselves as well as greater feelings of self-worth. Children and adolescents can also get help in dealing with drug and alcohol issues and addictive behavior too.

Helping youth to de-stress, overcome issues and boost their sense of wellbeing can change their lives for the better. Parents can also benefit greatly from working through issues with Geelong child psychologists.

If you or your child would like to talk to an experienced psychologist, please don’t delay. Contact me, Helen Handsjuk, to book an appointment. And let’s kick off that journey to a brighter future.