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March psychology workshop explores the power of “No’’

January 31 2017

Sometimes saying “no” is not just important, it’s downright healthy and liberating.

But in this busy and demanding world, where it seems that everyone wants a piece of you, it can often feel like we’ve lost the ability to say that small, vital word.

Psychology workshop Reclaim your Power – Learn to say “No” is all about the empowerment of self, which can help build and increase resilience, joy and compassion for individuals, clients and those around them.

Psychiatrist Leonid Handsjuk and psychologist Helen Handsjuk, who have more than 75 years of experience in clinical practice between them, will lead the intensive weekend workshop in Hepburn Springs in early March.

The March 3 to 5 workshop, a great opportunity for the general public and health professionals alike, is founded on the psychological fields of bioenergetics analysis and mindfulness. Not intended as therapy, it will use neuroscientific and experiential methodologies to investigate the power “no” can play in our lives including the freedom to be yourself.

The psychology workshop is based at The Grande Hotel in Hepburn Springs in the heart of Victoria’s spa country. Registration kicks off at the hotel at 5pm on the Friday and there’s a comprehensive schedule of activities including mindfulness meditation until the event concludes after lunch on the Sunday.

Dinner on Friday night and lunches on Saturday and Sunday are included in the $990 cost. People can contact the hotel, which overlooks the lovely Wombat State Forest, about accommodation specials.

If you are keen to join this insightful psychology workshop, which satisfies the criteria for nine hours of Continuing Professional Development, then you need to book a place by February 23. It’s also important that interested people realise the workshop’s experiential part can be hard both physically and emotionally.

For more information about Reclaim your Power – Learn to say ”No” please contact Helen Handsjuk.